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Multiples Group is a Private Equity and Investment Advisory firm based out of Dubai and Cairo, licensed by the Registrar of Companies in the DIFC and under the Egyptian Investment Law.


Private Equity

Through Dubai office, Multiples Group directly invests in different focused investments in the Middle East and Africa under specific sectors and areas of business for private equity investment, which include: real estate development, trade investment, services and retail.

Investment Banking

Through Cairo office, we offer various financial advisory services for various major clients under different sectors  across the region to structure and close transactions across various sectors and geographies, where we focus our efforts on structuring and placement services for successful brown field projects as well as green field ones.

Research Center

Through Cairo office, we issue periodic reports covering MENA region through reports of different frequency and depth, with a wide reach.


 Why Multiples Group..

For Multiples, every account, client or even project is treated with a high level of importance and in a unique and differentiated way so as to cater for its needs effectively.

Business Focus and Expertise:

We Focus on specific sectors and business areas, in which we enjoy a significant track record and expertise; thus, assuring the optimum value creation and minimizing the investors’ risk.

Real Partnership:

We invest directly in all our investments and we accept co-investments with investors who are aligned with our investment strategies and within our sectors of focus.

Variable Compensation:

Most of our compensation is basically centered around success fees out of the investment profitability, with some fixed fees charged on some vehicles as needed. The mix between variable and fixed fees makes us motivated to maximize the value creation of our activities.

Team Competencies:

Our team has a very strong hands-on experience in taking over the management of the companies. Our team’s diversified expertise ensures adding significant value to our investments

Full Managerial Control:

Our Investment model guarantees that utmost control over the companies’ financials and operations; in turn, minimizing fraud risk of our investments

Multiples Group has 6 core values that everyone adheres to; no matter what happens:

  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Simplicity
  • Value Adding
  • Partnership
  • Continuous Development

Multiples Group has 8 core competencies that everyone possesses at any level:

  • Effective Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility
  • Results Orientation
  • Investor Focus
  • Self-Learning
  • Leadership