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Mergers & Acquisitions:

Multiples Group financial advisory team has the capability to work both on the buy and sell sides of the M&A transactions throughout the phases; including:


  • Listing potential target criteria and working on sourcing various potential targets
  • Handling valuation and due diligence processes for the target company
  • Running extensive assessment and feasibility of the synergies of the acquisition/merger
  • Providing detailed financial structure of the deal, in terms of financial models, monitoring and auditing the proposed models
  • Leading the financial integration process as well as post-merger integration processes and evaluation. This includes the migration to the new organizational structure and the accompanied new systems
  • Acting as advisors for the acquirer throughout the phases; starting from listing potential acquisitions and recommending the best fit to negotiating and recommending the best strategy for the deal
Multiples Group has successfully offered this service to 10 regional companies of sizes ranging from 5 to 120 M USD in 4 different categories.


Details are listed by category in the ‘Track Record‘ Section