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Project Development

Multiples Group financial advisory team has the capability to handle project development mandates for large scale green field projects by mainly doing:


  • Profiling the potential project and undergoing detailed market research about its potential
  • Performing a detailed commercial and financial feasibility study for the project
  • Consolidating the business plan of the project and its financial projections to come up with a fair premium for the project developers and sponsors
  • Preparing a comprehensive investment package for the transaction including investment memo, investor presentation and investment teaser
  • Designing the optimal deal structure for the transaction including offered equity stakes, management participation and board representation
  • Shortlisting potential investors and financiers and handling all equity and debt negotiations with them until financial closure
Multiples Group has successfully offered this service to 16 regional companies of sizes ranging from 2 to 4,500 M USD in 6 different categories.


Details are listed by category in the ‘Track Record‘ Section