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Trade Investment


Tejara is an Egyptian joint stock company, operating in the Middle East since 2007, and managed by Multiples Group, a private equity and investment advisory firm based out of Dubai and Cairo.

Tejara Partnership

We are specialized in  Trade investment through a partnership structure on specific short term transactions. Our model is based on back to back agreements with specialized small to medium size companies, focusing on consumption-oriented sectors whether import/export trading, project oriented sectors, short cycle manufacturing goods, or several kind of services.

Our portfolio is diversified covering different sectors, and our business model is clear and well established providing our clients with fast and efficient procedures in addition to enabling them with consecutive partnering opportunities.


All our deals are audited by Multiples Internal Audit team and an external independent Audit firm. Moreover, all our deals and transactions are 100% complaint with the Egyptian investment and trading laws.

Application Process (4-5 weeks)

  1. Send an email including a brief overview of the company and contact information to the following email address: info@tejara.org
  2. A Tejara representative will contact you to arrange a meeting
  3. After a successful meeting, a list of documents will be requested (please download the List of Requirements from this link “Documents Required”)
  4. Upon full submission of “Documents Required”, an Investment Analyst shall review the file submitted and issue a recommendation
  5. Upon approval by the Investment Analyst, the Investment Committee review the partner’s file and issue its approval/rejection
  6. Upon approval of the Investment Committee, Tejara shall sign a trading agreement with its partner and transfer its participating share of the transaction
To view Required Documents please click here