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Investment Strategy

Multiples Group has its proprietary investment portfolio which it uses to co-invest directly with different investors in specific investments that lie within the areas of focus of Multiples Group and meets its investment criteria.


Multiples Group doesn’t manage closed or open funds but rather invest directly in specific investments along with its co-investors, which creates a better clarity and transparency for the investors as well as ensure the full alignment of interest between Multiples Group and the co-investors.


The portfolio of Multiples Group includes different types of investments including real estate development, trade investment, and direct investments in the services and retail sectors. Such diverse portfolio allows Multiples to spread out its risk across various sectors and investment model, which has a positive impact on the sustainability and cash flows of the company. It also allows Multiples Group to offer its co-investors different various opportunities that suit their different investment requirements.


Multiples Track Record in the Private Equity sector:

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital:
    • Services: 8x paid in equity in 3 years
    • Distribution: 7x paid in equity in 2 years
    • Retail: 3.5x paid in equity in 1.5 years
  • Real Estate: 22%-25% annually for 3 to 4 year-investment consistent for 4 years
  • Trade Investment: 16%-22% annually for annual investments, consistent for 8 years